Sunday, March 20, 2005

Grasshopper Thinking?

ahhhhh.... Maybe most of the time I might be engaged in "Grasshopper Thinking" and sometimes in "Lateral Thinking" (darn; I wish I could say it was much more dominant) and much of the rest of the time perhaps in "Natural Thinking" (and very possibly some "picture thinking"; not de Bono's concept by the way) plus an ability to shift easily into a little logical and pattern thinking; except for certain academic pursuits often graded and/or reviewed by professors who often only value "Logical" and/or "Pattern" thinking, for which I spend time shaping and bending my thoughts and their written expression to comply.

In the rest of my life perhaps my attention is often directed towards those engaged in ""Pattern Thinking" and a variation of "Logical Thinking" within a pattern, often in attempts to figure out IF I should gently nudge them towards finding their own different patterns, rules and routes (cognitive-behavioral is one of my psychological philosophical leanings)... but then even if they chose a different one, it would still be classified as "pattern or logical" thinking, wouldn't it?

I find categorizing thinking by these particular "patterns" to be amusing....

Thanks WR! Whiskey River

Edward de Bono

An Essay on Edward de Bono by by Steven Nordby (storm note: not necessarily flattering)


Kinds of Thinking, Styles of Reasoning: Michael A. Peters, University of Glasgow

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