Monday, January 03, 2005

You can't get there from here

More rain, and while classes started tonight, I am home. I did speak to my professor earlier, though I am not sure she was particularly sympathetic. She did agree not to drop me from the class if I didn't make it.

I tried to go, but even getting to the Metrolink station involved figuring out how to traverse flooded streets (which proved too much for me). The other alternative at that point, a three and a half hour bus journey- wouldn't have gotten me to class much before it ended. So I came home just in time for a new heavy downpour to occur, then a thunderstorm which included hail- so much for it being scattered showers, as someone told me it would be. I think next time I will take my camera - for proof that you can't get there from here.

The Foothills are a neglected place when it comes to mass transit, but I still have to figure out a way to get from here to Alhambra in heavy rain. It is expected to rain to some degree all week and possibly next as well.

I'd better get a new umbrella too.

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