Monday, January 10, 2005

Another wet grey day

We have yet another day of rain here in Los Angeles and we aren't equipped for this amount. The road just outside of our culdesac is a little raging creek from Foothill northward towards Tujunga Wash. They patched part of the pavement late last week, but it has washed out again. We are getting water from the uphill parts of Foothill Blvd. and water from the storm drain that is seeking the path of least resistance. Apparently that path is out of the storm drain into the street.

Fortunately I have another way out, but I won't drive on the freeways in the rain except in an emergency. If I could, I would just stay home, but I have no options so I am headed out to try out Metrolink again today. The flooding at one of the major streets I must cross, supposedly still leaves one lane open- so I should be able to get to the station. Cross your fingers for me, please.

What makes me really uneasy is that in order to stay for the second class tonight, I will still need to leave shortly after it begins. And even that is taking the last bus that will get me to the last train going my way. If I miss that train, I am stuck at Union Station. There are no buses home at that hour and no more trains.

I like the green hills and I like the spring flowers that will come later, but we are way over our seasonal rain totals. Will somebody please send back the sun...

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