Sunday, January 23, 2005

The networking project

Though this is "my project", since my son is benefiting from the end results I wanted his help getting some of the measurements and running some of the cable. I have my little carefully drawn geeky diagrams on how I want to set things up for now and where I will be changing them later as I am moving things into a room of my own I hope soon. (Of course I have been saying that for many years, but I really have done some work in fits and starts to move that process along. There is an untold story about avoiding certain kinds of change because it means completely and finally accepting something I have been resisting, but I am not sure I am ever going to tell it in detail on the blog.)

At any rate I intended to do all of that yesterday including going out to purchase the router and cable I need, then spending today setting up and configuring everything. Instead my son and his girlfriend went to the beach.

After being on the periphery of several minor (but testosterone laden) hassles today, I finally have the figures for what is needed for the hoped for - current setup, have ordered the router and cable lengths with connectors attached and everything will be here in the morning. I might even get a chance to start setting everything up before I leave for class. It turns out that if I want it quickly, Office Depot has the best price on the router I chose, and their cable prices are within pennies both lower and higher than other places. Click, click and I am done with a bonus of free shipping and delivery. I truly don't like parking in shopping centers and the hassles of standing in long lines to get what I need.

I hope I ordered the right Linksys Cable DSL router/gateway/switch. I notice now that there is one additional letter in the model number than the one I had been looking at everywhere else. It has an extra capability that I am not sure I needed or wanted. I am such a scatter brained person when I am interrupted sometimes.

Now that it is closer, I am really excited about having high speed internet access. It will be a touch disappointing if it is the wrong router or a huge hassle to set up.

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