Friday, January 21, 2005

Question, hope there are responses- need tech help

This weekend, I need to buy a cable/dsl home router/gateway to set up a network at home- wired not wireless. Both systems have ethernet cards and I have a nice new cable modem to hook into the network once it is set up.

I have looked at the reviews of a couple of Netgear and of Linksys home routers, but am still unsure as to which one to purchase. I want to be able to add additional computers (no more than 4 total likely) in the future, and I want ease of setup of course, with no huge amount of fussing with configuration if possible. I already have headaches from the Norton/Symantec product installed on both machines and am likely to run into problems just networking the two.

Any suggestions, anyone??? Please?

I welcome all assistance, even just sympathy for the task that is ahead- use the haloscan comments or email me at gmail- addy is in the sidebar.

Thank you in advance!!

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