Sunday, January 30, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings Week 104

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Coroner:: deals with unexpected death of the body
  2. Mystify:: I am mystified about so many things and I have no expectation of ever puzzling them all out. The longer I live, the less I know that I know. Except, I know what I felt in my heart and soul about you and for a moment I knew it was reciprocal.
  3. Corroborate:: additional supporting information, back up; more evidence is not proof, but more lends weight
  4. Misinterpret:: easy to do when we see, hear and sense everything through the lenses of our own perception
  5. Humorless:: sad that some folks go through life this way
  6. Calculus:: Not a strength area; functions, intervals, derivatives- and it grows much more complicated than I have the patience to struggle with.. A little pre-calc was enough.. Fortunately I don't need it in my daily activities, though there have been a few things for which it might have been useful.
  7. Eye for an eye:: makes everyone blind
  8. CPR:: be prepared
  9. Stitched:: think of hand sewn; needlepoint, patchwork, silk embroidery, hand tailored clothes, pretty things carefully done with loving care. Gosh I miss having time to sew and do needlework; Pieced together also comes to mind- and that has nothing to do with sewing.
  10. Facility:: sounds institutional, confining, foreboding
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