Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Return of the King and ...shopping???

We saw the movie tonight. It was very good, just like the first two. This one left out much more of the details including how Gondor learned that its King had returned, the healing of Faramor, Eowyn and the others along with the cleanup of the Shire when the heroes returned.. It was heavily focused on the battle scenes and deficient in my opinion on some of the other goings on. I was a little disappointed in that, but I suppose at 3 hours they couldn't do much more. STILL, in its entire 3 installment form, it was pretty much everything I might have wished for in a film version of the tale I loved so well in my teens. We will be buying this one too when it comes out, because they are all worth re-seeing and two without the third is not complete.

What is the world coming to? I am about to blog about shopping?????? Oh my, oh dear... my head has taken a giant vacation... should I be worried? ....
... nah..
I have five more days of all play if that is how I wish to spend them...

I did a little shopping while we were at the mall waiting for the movie. The husband was patient and very much on almost "date like" behavior mode. I was very careful not to abuse that mood.

Though I am not particularly fond of shopping malls, I did have a couple of gift certificates - one for Victoria's Secret which got crowded and I left with only two items purchased and the majority of the gift certificate still to spend- and one for a unique tiny little silver jewelry shop (that is a favorite of mine on those rare occasions I find myself at the mall). At the silver shop I found two different pairs of earrings to satisfy the feminine side of me that likes wearing jewelry that is slightly incongruent with the normally tailored dress or classic casual to downright boyish wear. (Both pairs tasteful, but not for the timid - big fat sculpted oval silver hoops, and black onyx South American/South Western Native influenced, dangly ones- not chandeliers but difficult to miss). I also gave into an entirely impulsive (decided and on my wrist in less than two minutes- something rather out of character for me) purchase of a pewter bracelet engraved with a Celtic design -which called out to me as I passed by and feels like it has always been mine.

There is a side of me that isn't externally expressed often enough- especially in a house full of males and a group of friends that includes more males than females..
I don't like New Year's resolutions much, but if I were to make one, it would be to make sure that I play enough in the new year (something desperately missing from the past year or so) and use all the sides of me- including the one that likes occasionally indulging in purely feminine pursuits.

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