Tuesday, December 23, 2003

People watching.

When we complain of cold here in Southern California, we are really not usually talking about the bitter kind of cold of the northern states. A lot of us put on winter coats when the temps hit the fifties (F).

It was probably in the lower sixties today and sunny, warm enough for me to be wearing only a long sleeved turtleneck and a pullover sweater over my jeans while I stood in line with some last minute purchases. The man in front of me had on hemmed cutoff jeans, a t-shirt, short ankle sox, sports shoes..... and a heavy winter coat. For some reason, I also kept wondering if he had gloves and a scarf in his pockets to complete the picture.

Paso Robles, San Simeon, Cambria etc. are in Central California and I didn't feel the 6.5 quake today, though the women in the dentist's office swore they felt it. It was felt as far south as Orange County.

I was getting several shots of novocain at the time and was entirely focused on not being focused. I heard the news from the dentist when he came back in the room a few minutes later and he seemed quite excited. On a side note, did you ever wonder why dentists wait to ask you conversational questions until they have their hands and dental instruments in your mouth? I guess the alternative of a silent dentist would be worse.

6.5 is a fairly large quake and at least two people are dead. The center of town with its old buildings looks a mess. They were not up to current code and many of them collapsed. I feel sorry for those folks up there with this happening just before the holiday.

I haven't felt any large quakes in Southern California in quite some time. Perhaps I should say that with a whisper.

USGS Map of Recent quake activity in Nevada and California.
USGS Map of San Simeon area of 6.5 quake and aftershocks.

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