Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Lord of the Rings.

I wish I could say that I have seen the last film of the trilogy, but alas I haven't... not yet anyway. The first two films were everything that I wanted from this visual telling of the tale that I so enjoyed. I read Tolkien's work in 1967 or so, beginning with the Hobbit. I was enraptured by them at the time and they did give me a taste for fantasy tales that endured. Jordan, Goodkind, Martin** are a few of the authors I read today, though the stories get a little old and I forget from one to the next which characters and what fantasy worlds they are living in.

John Yatt has a different take on both Tolkien's trilogy and the film which didn't occur to me, but should have after the diversity film class I took -with its required critical eye for racial depictions. Guardian Unlimited Film | Features | Wraiths and race.

I am still eagerly anticipating seeing the film.

**Authors/Book series: Robert Jordan- The Wheel of Time; Terry Goodkind- Sword of Truth; George R. Martin- A Song of Ice and Fire.

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