Saturday, December 20, 2003

Amusing waves.

There are times when I find myself in a similar flow with other bloggers, either because something they said took me on a tangent, or from a random chance and surfing find that I was thinking or doing the same things. It is amusing when I find that I was involved in similar thoughts or doings, because I am reminded that while each of us is unique, the odds of a single person and no one else in the world thinking, doing or feeling something is almost non existent. I am sure this is called by a clever word or term that crosses all disciplines- that I simply don't know... Please enlighten me if you do.

On that note I wandered here: Sketch Blog of the Day: De-Clutter, via Ripples and what amused me is that in the last few days I cleaned my computer desk/hutch area and two collection counters in the kitchen. I have several "piles" of things elsewhere winnowed down to the point that I might be able to see the surfaces underneath soon. And there are other areas that have been cleaned of dirt and clutter.

There are still several stacks of books and notes that are behind me on the floor in various piles that I was using a couple of weeks ago and I have been eyeing those wondering how I will find a place for new bookshelves. But all of this has been done because my mind is sluggish and because I don't have so many irons in the fire this moment- exactly the sort of reason that other bloggers were talking about. There are mostly the mundane things left to be done. I didn't follow the line to see how many other people were clearing out clutter- literally or figuratively.

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