Saturday, December 27, 2003

Return... No place like home, but my sister's is a close second.

I love spending time at my sister's home and the holiday was no exception. Even though it rained, the scenery out the window and from the house side of the patio was impressive. They have a heavy spanish tiled roof with a large overhang onto a portion of the patio area. The rain falling from the roof to the concrete below caught the light in the streams of evenly spaced water. It was like strings of crystal prisms pouring down in waterfall fashion.

The days and nights there were wonderful. We stayed up too late; we (I) ate too much; we talked about too many things to remember and probably didn't say all the things we should have . At one point it became my turn to say a blessing or toast and so I thanked the universe for all of us being together and all of the good things that have happened this year.

Wandering blogs and catching up on everyone's posts as well as clicking on a few blogrolls I stumbled upon this pre-Christmas greeting:

I thought it was quite well done.

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