Wednesday, December 24, 2003

eve before the eve of the holiday.

Everything is wrapped, bowed, tagged, and some things are packed and new traveling music is loaded into my MP3 player in case the husband wants to not talk during the trip down again. His stress, inability to talk about anything
other than superficial, or wishing to not talk at all will not affect me. I refuse to let it.

I spent the evening with Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Santana, Gwen Stefanie and No Doubt, Rob Thomas and Matchbox twenty and Kid Rock.... though it was primarily Clapton... Though it is "old", I recently purchased "One More Car, One More Rider", the 2001 live tour double cd. (Clapton at some of his best!)

Had my son been home this evening, I would have embarrassed him by dancing around and rocking out while I wrapped presents. I have also been known to play an air guitar riff or two now and then or air drums, though I play guitar for real.. a little bluesy and folksy acoustic. :) I haven't been really dancing with a partner in so long- I honestly can't remember the last time... Husband who has the sensitivity of dirt- says that once you marry the girl, none of that stuff is necessary any more.. I don't know where he got that baseless completely irritating point of view. Dancing is a prelude to all sorts of happy feelings.. dancing of any sort!

MUSIC makes me happy... dancing music, listening music, blues, rock, a little Latin rhythm (Santana style and a few others), even a little tiny bit of rap. I confess here to the world of liking the politically incorrect Kid Rock song "Cowboy"... I know what the lyrics say.. I still like it.. and occasionally I like a few of his ballads. I also like some country, lots of classical.. but when I want a mood lift- blues and rock are my favorites... always (I wish Stevie Vaughn were still alive and putting out new stuff).. But no one beats Clapton for the best guitar around.

If you want to impress me, offer to take me dancing. Let me loose in the passion of a song, hold on to me to do a little partners dancing.. a little disco, a little old fashioned late sixties dancing and a little bit of ballroom. I follow well with a firm hand on my back. I tend to use that Zen focus to zero in on the music and my partner- and no one and nothing else.. getting lost in the music and a partner is on my list of perfect activities- add an early dinner, a nice sunset walk on the beach and that is my idea of a perfect date. I used to say that I could tell how a man might be in bed by the way he handled things on the dance floor.. it isn't completly true, but it was a nice myth to believe in..

So on that definitely un-holiday note (pun intended), Happy Holidays to everyone! This aging LA gal is in an up mood -Clapton is in large part to thank.. and just the general sense of being done with everything I need to do for this moment.

I will raise a silent toast to everyone who has touched my life this year.. there are quite a few of you here and scattered in various parts of the country and out of the country.. YOU know who you are. HUGS to you all.. and by the way, I like mistletoe too... feeling up, racy, not quite howling at the moon sort of thing, but definitely wishing there were someway to share my mood with everyone or at least a someone very special. Alas, this will have to do.

Happy Holdidays -I wish you all joy and love. Be back in a few days.

Listen when you hear the wind, Greyowl- maybe especially for those that drift in after sunset.

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