Saturday, December 20, 2003

Mind sluggish

I kept up a routine of posting pretty much daily for several months. The exercise of writing and trying to be either thoughtful or finding something thoughtful or humorous to post about on a daily basis is useful..

But since the quarter ended, my brain has been turning to mush. Of course I can blame it on the finals and final projects, the flu, the season, the little bit of shopping or any number of things, but since I managed to turn out academic essays with all of those things going on, surely providing a few lines to a blog can't be that difficult.. I figure I will simply concentrate on writing something, even the mundane, to get myself back to thinking about writing daily.

It has been a strange week. I have been trying to catch the person at the dentist's office who handles the determination of copayments with my insurance. She was never there. The dentist had said that he wouldn't treat me until she had determined what I needed to pay. I got fed up and called the insurance company directly. They emailed me a 12 page schedule that I will simply take with me on Monday to my appointment. I was very happy with how easy that was.

But then I discovered that I had forgotten a payment to someone and it cost me a pretty sum in late charges. And I found the note that had the list of things that needed appointments and realized that none of them will be able to be accomplished during this break, except for the dental stuff.

My son with the timing usually attributed in jokes to insensitive males, has broken up with his girlfriend of many years. He gave her an anniversary gift, a birthday present and then a few days later said they were done. I guess that means no holiday present.

The reasons have mostly to do with her wanting to think about the future and him not feeling like he ever wants marriage and family, though he allows that he may change his mind in ten or twenty years. He says since she wants what she wants and he doesn't, it wouldn't be fair to her to continue dating, so he ended it. He says there is no one else he wants to date. She said there was no one else she wanted to date. It was a serious relationship. They have been a couple since his sophomore year in high school. She was a nice gal and I will miss seeing her, but there is no way that I thought either of them were ready to be settling down to a marriage.

Ups and downs- all of life is always ups and downs... The trick I guess is to make sure we are present in the moment, so we recognize the good moments when we are having them.

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