Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Tuesday Comes and Goes

The morning view on my little walk... peaceful, tranquil, birds singing, bees buzzing, flowers blooming... not quite as sweet smelling as Monday morning after the thunderstorm, but still a beautiful morning.

Where I spent my entire afternoon - a fifteen minute routine procedure, sandwiched between an hour and a half wait, a forty-five minute prep and wait and an hour wait after... plus a couple of hours or so of driving time (in traffic to and from) and the terror of being driven by a male who fits all the aggressive male driver jokes (and nightmares) and uses two feet to drive an automatic. ;-) (I'm exaggerating a bit on the last- can you tell?)

(Fountain on the edge of Glendale- across from entrance to Griffith Park)
Taken on the ride home, where I was alternating groggy, semi-alert, and nodding out.. which is how I spent my evening too..

The doctor and nurses told me not to drive for 24 hours. I can't decide if I am working on Wednesday or not or if I should alert my boss. I am just aware enough to know how ridiculous it is to say these seem like huge decisions.


Back to nodding out..

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