Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I should be sleeping...

Wednesday schedule is all daytime hours, but getting to sleep after Tuesday night's work is proving to be difficult. I really dislike switching back and forth in the schedule. There are a couple of stories to tell about tonight, when I have a few moments of clarity. For now, here are a couple of loosely related items to mark Tuesday.

I found this quotation Tuesday morning (while looking for something else, of course):

"Learning which is combined with action provides a peculiar and solid enrichment. If, for example, you are interested in art, you will gain much more if you paint as well as look at pictures and read about the history of art. If you happen to be interested in politics, don't be satisfied with being a spectator: participate in political action. If you enjoy nature, refuse to be content with the vicarious experiences of naturalists; become a naturalist yourself. In all of these ways learning becomes an integral part of living until finally the old distinction between life and education disappears. In short, life itself becomes a perpetual experience of learning."
~Eduard C. Lindeman, The Democratic Man (1956)

This idea of learning combined with action, fits in all sorts of ways for the manner in which I would like to live this part of my life. ... or maybe it is already part of the way I am living my life. ??

And the day wouldn't be complete now, without at least one photo

'Precious' the Parrotlet

This is a parrotlet named 'Precious' who is still young (a few months old), but so cute from the moment she became a part of a client's home and family three or four months ago, that I have considered looking for a character like her. She is full grown, but is moulting.

to sleep now..

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