Friday, August 19, 2005

Light and shadow

lines and shadow

A little souvenir from the afternoon- this is the connector between the two library buildings on campus... That center section ends just below the photo and is full of students walking in various directions. The structure of the buildings and the connector section, cast shadows and form angles and lines that catch my eye no matter what time of day.

I took this while on my way to class from the financial aid office (taking photos on every turn and stretch- seriously, it was fun!).

I now have one more thing crossed off my list of "to do's". Next up when there are a few moments, is to figure out what classes to take for Fall and still continue to see my current clients. I think I have completed all the core requirements for the master of science in counseling, and the rehabilitation specialization, with only electives and additional specialty classes remaining (a couple for career counseling, and maybe a couple for higher ed counseling)... unless I want that dual masters (marriage and family).... and I really think I do.. not sure I am up to the extra time.

Busy day on Friday.. time for sleep.

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