Thursday, August 18, 2005

finished.. sort of..

Tuesday Traffic
This is the view from the passenger seat on Tuesday on the trip to Kaiser- traveling about fifty mph. I started taking pictures in defense- as a way to keep my mouth shut and stop feeling stressed about the driving. With some drivers, it is really difficult to be a passenger in a car on a busy freeway, and even worse when one is slightly nervous to begin with..

I have uploaded my last paper for class, need to go to two more lectures, two more quizzes (one lecture and quiz this afternoon) and then get ready for the final exam. There are numerous details to be attended to before the beginning of the next quarter, but for the moment, things feel sort of finished.

Earlier I felt a bit like the freeway picture, dismal, crowded, busy, stuck between trucks (and no brake pedal on my side ;-) ). I was attempting to switch gears and was thinking about a friend, when a text message from that same friend arrived and brightened up my whole afternoon.

Thank you... just for being you and for being a part of my world.

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