Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina and the after-effects

Click to the Red Cross for donations to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina

The news pictures are horrible.. and the floodwaters are continuing to rise.. my thoughts go out to those who are affected by this..

Kara at Space Tramp has posted some links including this one to Flickr images

Later edit: I ran across this at Making Light.

A snippet: Yahoo News Photos
White people find things.    Black people loot things." ...

"I keep hearing on the news about looting in New Orleans. But what I’m seeing—everybody has digital cameras these days, especially reporters—are pictures of people slogging through filthy water with stashes of food, diapers, bottled beverages, etc. ..." ...

" ... Fourth, I have yet to hear one mention, one murmur of a hurricane evacuation plan, that didn’t consist of “everybody gets in their cars and drives somewhere else.” This, in a city which was guaranteed to sooner or later need evacuating, and which had something on the order of 100,000 citizens who didn’t drive cars. ..."
  the whole post at Making Light

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