Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Soon we will need an ark

We have had just about everything today and tonight--hail, wind, tornados, flash flooding, street flooding and road closures (plus cars stranded in all the usual places and some that aren't), landslides, snow at higher elevations and rain, rain and more rain. The rain totals for this storm are over 4 inches (when I last checked this afternoon) and climbing. This is a really big (and loud) storm without many breaks.

It seems like good weather for staying in and snuggling.... if I had a partner to snuggle with.
;-) At any rate, I don't plan on going anywhere.

One of the questions floating around LA is if the fifty year record of 'no rain on the Rose Parade' will be broken. I wonder what the Vegas odds are?

Ooops, the power is wavering again, so I ought to have my flashlight close at hand. If I am going to post this, I better do it now, just in case.

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