Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's a start (biodegradable plastic with a little extra twist)

Scientists Make Phone That Turns Into a Sunflower (AMSTERDAM, Reuters)
"Scientists said on Monday they have come up with a cell phone cover that will grow into a sunflower when thrown away.

Materials company Pvaxx Research & Development, at the request of U.S.-based mobile phone maker Motorola , has come up with a polymer that looks like any other plastic, but which degrades into soil when discarded.

Researchers at the University of Warwick in Britain then helped to develop a phone cover that contains a sunflower seed, which will feed on the nitrates that are formed when the polyvinylalcohol polymer cover turns to waste.

"It's a totally biodegradable and non-toxic plastic," said Pvaxx spokesman Peter Morris. ... "

I like the direction the thinking is going. If you can't get folks to recycle, then make it all turn into something that doesn't harm the environment. Of course this is just the cover and probably the least harmful of all of it... but it's a start.

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