Wednesday, August 18, 2004

University Acceptance

Well, finally! Though I was accepted into the Master of Science degree program for Counseling (option in Rehabilitation Counseling) through the program (department/division of Charter College of Education), the University finally got around to accepting my application as a graduate degree student, on a provisional basis.

So beginning Fall 2004, I am officially a provisional grad student. I need to pass one pre-requisite course. The way they decide that is interesting, because one cannot take the pre-requisite course until one has been accepted into the grad program and obtains a special permission; and one cannot be fully accepted into the program until one takes and passes the course which can't be taken until the Fall quarter starts. (Catch-22, anyone) :-P

But what it all really means is that I am not eligible for any financial aid grants for all of that quarter and probably the next (because of the slowness of paperwork and the unlikely event of any back grant payments). Sigh.. But at least they show my status correctly now.

I have tomorrow and then next week's classes to attend. Final projects start being due next Monday; then finals begin on the 30th. Lest anyone believe this last little bit is a cakewalk, in addition to the class lectures and very large final projects, I have 3 events to attend, two of which need papers written about, 5 more days of internship and clients to see, some files to review, paperwork to complete- both for the agency and for my faculty advisor regarding the internship, along with paperwork to complete for my directed study so I get a grade for that..

When all of that is done and my exams are taken, my Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services is finished!! ...And I have a three week break until it begins again.

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