Saturday, August 28, 2004


I am not a happy camper. I am completely revamping work that was supposed to be done by someone else- by a group of someone else's. It is relatively easy to create a power point presentation if the work is all done and one only needs to pick out relevant material to put into slides. I have other studying I intended to do this weekend instead of reworking this thing. My first final exam is on Monday.

I need a happy pill, to make the work easier and my grumbling about the entire project and this particular class go away. The class was a waste of time. They should have billed it as a class for those who had never used a computer or office programs or done a research paper in any other class using the library databases and online journal content (let alone done real research, not just spitting out other people's work in a report form!). But this class was billed as a class to teach computer applications for social work. I thought I would learn something new, something about specific databases, about specific programs for case notes, about how to cross reference case notes or something applicable to the work that I don't already know.

Grumbling about this particular class, and about this particular project has been the way I have gotten through the whole thing... that and occasionally correcting the instructor ..(seems I might know a great deal more than he does about the things he decided to instruct about)..

No, wait.. I am responsible for my own moods. It is up to me to change my mood if it isn't helpful. So lets see.. blog a little.. read a little.. find a game or two to play.. or an online toy to fiddle with... Music.. ah, yes, soothing but energizing music..
Repeat to self: It will all be over soon and none of this project will matter in a few days.

Maybe I will do everything else first and worry about this insufficient group project and how to fix it - later.

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