Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Alzheimer's linked to lowbrow jobs Alzheimer's linked to lowbrow jobs
In this article briefly describing recent published research, a possible correlation is found between high mental demands occuring in a person's job from age thirty onward through their fifies.

They offer three possible explanations:
One is that Alzheimer's might have "an early impact that prevents sufferers from entering mentally demanding professions such as writing, accountancy or law". Another possible explanation might be that "people who stimulate their minds might build up a reserve of nerve cells in the brain. This would allow them to remain clear-headed even as their brains became clogged with the clots of protein that characterize Alzheimer's". The third possible explanation offered is to suggest that "those who exercise their grey matter might simply be better practised at thinking. This would make them more likely to perform well in the mental tests used to diagnose the disease".

The abstract is located at PubMed.

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