Sunday, August 22, 2004

LABlogs Friday Night Questions: Los Angeles Insight

Better late than never. I have meant to post from one of these for the past two weeks.
Here are the questions and answers from this past Friday.

1. What city or part of Los Angeles do you live in now?
I live in the Foothills above Glendale and Burbank.
2. If you have lived somewhere else in the area, where was it?
I have lived in two different areas besides this one- San Gabriel and Glendale.
3. Besides where you live now, where else would you want to live in the area?
hmmm... That's a difficult question to answer.. I rather like it here, but maybe Porter Ranch? or Northridge? or???
4. Where would you not want to live?
I wouldn't really like to live in one of the larger flatter or more crowded areas.. come to think of it, also not in the flight path of any of the airports.
5. How often do you venture out of your area?
6. Where do you usually go when you get out?
It depends on the time and day of the week.
7. How far do you work/school from where you live?
Work is headquartered within five miles- but I travel up to 27 plus miles to accomplish what is needed; School is about 26 plus miles away.
8. Money is no object; Beach, the Hills, the City or Leave?
Ah, another tough question. I love the mountains and I love the beach... and I also like San Diego county (plus my sister is there), but leaving LA would be tough. LA has been my home for 26 years- and that figures out to a little more than half my life at this point.

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