Monday, August 02, 2004

New Freedom Initiative

Dual posted to Tangents and Corner

When I read the Wirearchy post,Wirearchy :: Better Living - In Search of Happiness From Plato To Prozac, I was alarmed. I followed the link to the Initiative to read and at first couldn't find the reference. Then burried in Chapter 4 is a short bit about screening everyone early for mental disorders. I followed that to the Mental Health Commission's report which I am downloading now to read in full. I can't stand the thought of another four years with this bunch. I can't remember feeling so strongly negative about anyone in office since Nixon!

(Later edit to add to the above): On the surface, there are a number of things in the New Freedom Initiative that are about enforcement and possible funding for existing laws and programs under the American's with Disabilities Act- things we SHOULD be doing! But as always, the group in charge has added things in tiny little sections that should sound major alarm bells. (end edit)

While you are at Wirearchy, it is worth reloading to read all the recent posts, including the August 1st post-repost, pointing to Older and Growing. Oh, heck, go back and read the archives too.

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