Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wednesday Whatevers

Wednesday Whatevers for June 30, 2004

1. Does time pass by too quickly? :: Absolutely, and the older I get the quicker it passes. It seemed as if at the points where I truly wanted time to slow down- to be able to sit with my child in the rocking chair a little longer, or later to be able to learn who I had become and what I wanted before I could no longer be useful- that time moved even faster. How did I get here, a half a century plus old, so quickly? And is there time to find and experience the other things that mean something to me before this lifetime ends?
2. Can money buy happiness? :: No, but having shelter, food and clothing and being able to pay the bills while one engages in the things that matter seems fairly important. Plus having a few toys is pretty nice. ;-)
3. Is freedom of speech a privilege or a right? :: It is a right in which governments sometimes think they can interfere. Humankind should be free to say what is on their mind. Darkness (either individual or collective) reigns, tyranny triumphs and knowledge does not advance if no one is free to speak and share their thoughts.

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