Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wednesday memes..

Wednesday Whatevers for June 16, 2004
1. Do you think out loud? :: Increasingly often these days- when I am multi-tasking with mundane things and lots of other distractions surrounding me. I do try to avoid it when there are other people present, but sometimes it happens then too.
2. What color pen do you prefer to write in?:: Ah, this is easy- I like black pens for lecture notes, paying bills and snail mail letters (yes, I do still write a few of those now and then), red pens for things to remember and circling things in catalogs, and blue-violet brush tipped markers for doodling. I especially like someone else's silver ink on a blue note card.
3. How would you describe your voice?:: Low - not so low as to be mistaken for male, just low and usually full of readable inflections that I sometimes have to be careful about revealing.

TRIGGER::::: Eyes are.... ...the windows to the soul, of course.

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