Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Saving money?

Political Animal by Kevin Drum at The Washington Monthly has a post entitled "COSTCO" where he talks about going by CostCo and seeing the cars lined up ten deep at each bay to buy gasoline at $2.27/gal. The punch line: "That means these folks were all willing to idle away in line at CostCo for 20 minutes in order to save about a dollar. It's amazing, isn't it? It's almost like CostCo has them hypnotized or something."

Of course, not mentioned is that those folks time is worth something too. I have given up on discussing this exact thing in this household. I will not drive five miles in a direction I don't normally go, taking thirty minutes or more round trip, possibly wait in line another many minutes, to save 10 cents/gallon or less. It isn't worth my time or frustration.

For that amount of effort and time, I want them to pump my gas, clean my windshields, check my oil and water and save 10 cents/gallon. If they did, I might think about it.

oops! I paid no attention to which blog was on top using the blogthis/blogger button on the toolbar. I posted to the wrong blog, but I guess it fits here too -- maybe as a mini-rant of the day?

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