Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wednesday Whatevers- a little late

Wednesday Whatevers
For June 9, 2004:

1. Do you prefer happy or sad endings, and why? :: I prefer happy endings, I can create the sad ones all by myself.

2. What is the most annoying thing about computers? :: When they don't work at seemingly the most critical times, which is pretty much anytime they don't work.

3. Who has the biggest influence on the world now? :: I don't know. Many people have major influence- it depends where and what issue one is talking about. Many leaders of various countries have major impact on the world. Countries are made up of people who have more and less degree of control at any one moment, over those people in charge.

Oil and profits without regard for how they are obtained, seem to be the dominating players in the world. I am opposed to all of those things having that much power. I think the quality of life of people ought to be the major influence.

There seem to be subtle and not so subtle changes in everything around us- small groups of people competing for space and control of everything, instead of working towards any kind of harmony or quality of life for all. And I have now drifted several tangents away from the question.

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