Sunday, February 15, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings Week 54

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Dragon:: Magical creature with magical powers; Brings to mind romantic and magical themes. Tangents and tangents- far removed from the word
  2. Molecule:: Small parts. ... Every molecule of my being is...
  3. Tire:: Important to moving vehicles, seldom noticed by me until there is a problem. (aack: meant to check air in tires last week; Where is a knight when I need him?).
  4. Mighty:: Mouse- cartoon: "Here I come to save the day". Superheroes- Knights in disguise. More tangents.
  5. Octane:: Number- anti-knock indication that is given to gasoline- my vehicles always seem to require the medium number; But also slang- high octane- for a particular volitility and its effects.
  6. Troll:: Grubby disgusting creature; like Orcs? But also as in type of fishing, moving the lines along to see what one can attract.
  7. Atmosphere:: The planet's of course, but also mood/ tone/ vibe of the people in the room.
  8. Guide:: Gently direct
  9. Leash:: Restrain- occasionally necessary for untrained and trained domestic animals, too often figuratively applied to people, feelings and thoughts.
  10. Dustmite:: Yucky looking creatures, everywhere unseen but part of the ecosystem- overwhelming to folks with allergies.

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