Wednesday, February 18, 2004

After rain, clear skies and clean air.

After my internship hours today, I didn't go to class because we had some real rain- the 'keep one's windshield wipers on high' kind. It is probably a curious thing to many, but driving in rain in Los Angeles is a real nightmare at night and in rush hours. Add that plus a full fledged rainfall to my night vision problems and it is much worse. The accident rate on the freeways quadruples. People drive too fast or too slow as if it were snow and ice falling or worse, that it doesn't require any caution at all. The freeways flood in places that one comes upon without any warning and with no way to get out of a lane if there was. The adrenoline and the stress involved for me during a drive like that is really high and going to class doesn't seem like a reason to risk my life. So I stay home at night when it rains, if at all possible. It doesn't happen that often. AND that of course, is part of the charm of Southern California- the rains of the beginning of the year seldom last more than 24 hours in one storm and the rest of the time are so infrequent as to be considered never. This is the land of sunshine after all.

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