Friday, February 13, 2004

Recovery days.

The week behind has been one of incredible highs and smiles, but a slightly increased amount of stress with tests, classes, meetings, intern work, a growing deficit of adequate sleep plus a few immediate 'into the basement with my feelings' situations.

A day off with no deadlines and almost no absolute 'had to do's', a little more sleep with no alarm to wake me before I was finished dreaming, plus some more of those smiles that have touched each of my days, and I feel normal again- actually better than normal as there is an extra smile inside to carry around with me.

Oh there will still be next week and there are chapters to read, papers to write, classes to attend, meetings to arrange where I will be the topic of discussion (I also have to sit there and listen), and classes to register for so I can do all this fun stuff again in four more weeks. There are home chores and things breaking down and all the mundane things that never stop piling up. A tiny bit ahead there is paperwork to be filed for school money, entry application to graduate school, final exams, and arranging a second internship that meets the guidelines, then graduation petitions to be filed -and so on.

But right now, this minute, this moment in time and space- there is a perfect sort of joy that I am feeling. I want to hug the world. It is amazing what a loving and gentle friend and a little time off with only self to please can do.

What kindness did you show yourself today?

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