Tuesday, February 17, 2004

and a Tuesday rushes by.

This is more like a holding post. I had some things to blog about, but they got a little lost and unfinished in the activities of the day. There were lots of things going on, none of them completely without their little twists, but all in all they got resolved and handled. I have registered for my classes for next quarter and I do have a meeting set up between my advisor and the internship site supervisor, which were probably the most nagging, twisting, turning things of the day to be done.

Classes next quarter will be another 120 hours of Internship, a Field Work Seminar about general issues in counseling related to the internship and dealing with clients of all types, Medical Factors in Rehabilitation, and Career Counseling- Job Development and Work Evaluation. Only two of those are heavy duty reading, papers, test type classes. So I am set. I think there are only four classes to go after that to finish this degree unless they find another hoop for me to jump through.

Sleep calls my name. The 6AM hour is not suited to this night owl.

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