Thursday, October 02, 2003

Newly added and a general request to the blogging world

I have been playing around with new things as I find them, and added a link on the "Corner of Babble" page to a blogroll I created at Bloglines. These are the ones I have placed in a public list, as I am still working on a system to organize the others. If I can figure out a CSS that includes a way to shorten the displayed titles of some, I will put them all in a section on the side links here, but until then an offsite page seemed like the best solution.

I am still hunting for an offsite commenting system that will allow comments for each post rather than the generic guestbook I am using for that purpose (on Corner) at present. And I am still playing with the fonts and settings of both templates, looking for the 'just right' combinations to make them readable for folks with old eyes like mine, as well as aesthetically pleasing to me.

Blogging, CSS, XML, rss feeds, blogrolls, aggregators, comment sites that link to each comment are all new areas of exploration to me. In fact, there are dozens of new terms (and wants) that I have been exposed to by blogging and reading OP blogs. I thought I did pretty well teaching myself rudimentary html a few years ago, and it came in handy when I worked for the community college creating, troubleshooting and maintaining WebCT pages for various professors, but that was then and this is now. I have a lot to learn.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions for an offsite commenting system, or any great places along the lines of CSS, XML or blogging etc. 'for dummies', please take a moment to comment (at Corner of Babble) and/or drop a link or two. I would truly appreciate the help.

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