Tuesday, October 07, 2003


I haven't had time to blog personal items. There were a lot of assignments that I worked on over the weekend. All of these classes will require a lot of "personal" type papers, journals and multiple weekly papers, assignments and so on... Tangents is likely to get the short end of things as I try to keep everything going forward for the next ten weeks.

But there should be some things that come up to blog about that are reflective of the actual assignments. If I can figure out how, I may even use the online version of a journal for required one. I will have to see.

Using bloglines and three news sites, I have managed to keep up with daily headlines and the blogging world and thus have quick comments to make for Corner of Babble.

It is past bedtime now and 6:45AM will feel very early. I have to vote before I head to campus and I am not totally sure exactly where the polling location is... I know the street address, but am not familiar with the street. I wonder how many people will not vote because they can't walk to the polls?

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