Friday, October 31, 2003

Anchoring and Antecedent changes?

This post at Older and Growing started me thinking about various things. First I re-read several previous entries and then back to the one linked above. I felt myself cheering Andy onward.

As often happens when it is very late in a long day, my mind swirls around several things at once. The words connect on many different levels and to different things that are part of my world.

Of course to begin with, there is the mention of NLP which interests me from what little I have read so far. But one of the things that struck me was how similar a concept the description of anchoring was to one of the behavioralist's tools for changing a pattern of behavior- the tool being to change the antecedent or change one of the antecedents in a chain.. It isn't quite that simple, and I suspect that anchoring isn't either, but they both seem to start from a similar place.

To change the "old tapes" running in our minds about our beliefs and behaviors, it isn't enough to simply know that we are in control and that we choose our thoughts and beliefs (and the associated behaviors). We are much more likely to return to old patterns, because they are familiar and we tend to keep repeating and drifting back to the things that are familiar, even when they are destructive. So anything that one does to make the circumstances different, even in very small ways, changes the pattern, and helps one to remember there is a choice that one can make.
From there I began thinking about change, and choices, authentic selves, self doubts, old tapes, and how people think- but those are unfinished notes of things that have been bouncing around for a while.. I will sleep and then see if I can do a better job of expressing them in the morning.

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