Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The complaint is the same...

Tuesday's are the worst long day. I get up before 7AM, leave by 8 or so to find parking on campus, sit through the "early" class, have a 5 hour wait between classes which isn't enough time to get home and back and find new parking (plus it is a couple of gallons of gasoline at 2 something a gallon), leave campus after 8PM and don't get home until 9PM. 11 hours or more on campus is a lot.

Of course I am writing this about 2AM, having researched and posted a lengthy thing on Corner about the labor chaos (Sheriffs, MTA and UFCW) here in Los Angeles. It wouldn't have been so late, but I finished the post and blogspot or blogger was having some troubles.

Studying, reading textbooks, working on collecting personal data (data as in ticks on a sheet type data)for a behavioral project, cleaning, housestuff, etc. is all on the list of to do's for Wednesday when I get up... if I get up.

I got a real surprise today when a blogger I read frequently posted a link to the Corner site. It appeared that the traffic quadrupled, but it only tripled.. !! Even so, that was a pleasant surprise. It felt strange to know that many people came to quickly check out what I might have written. Makes me wish I had done a better job, but I am still mostly posting for me.

My son had some problems on the picket lines tonight. I will try to remember to explain a little sometime tomorrow- maybe an update to this post. I don't think he is going back. He is actually still out on disability from the motorcycle accident and he was disgusted with his coworkers for not standing up for him and his friend when they were accused of saying something they didn't. Customers who are crossing the lines are feeling annoyed at the in store problems and the management is getting frazzled. It had been pleasant and the community had been supportive. I hope the one customer was an aberration.

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