Monday, October 20, 2003

Already midterm time!

Midterms start this Thursday, the 24th! I don't know how it got to be mid-quarter so quickly. Two quickie papers and one test to take or due this week; 2 Tests and 2 quickie papers to take or due Monday and Tuesday of the next.

I also have my registration notice for the winter quarter and that is in two weeks. I will have to decide how much of a load I am going to take. I know exactly what I need through summer (or maybe through next fall depending on how stressed I want to make myself) to graduate, except for two electives. I just wish I knew for sure if any they were cutting any more classes.

There is a great deal to do to fill out the applications for the graduate program too. And that will be coming up on deadlines shortly.

I am not inclined to place myself under a huge amount of negative stress, even to finish by Fall. I don't think the physical strain is worth it. Meditation doesn't clear all the physical stress easily if I am feeling pulled in too many directions. I understand the young folks who want to get it all over with quickly and jump into adult life, but I need time to incorporate everything into what I already know- and I am already an adult. AARP would like me to join them. Trying to keep the home from disappearing under the chores not done, finding time to talk to and be with family and generally finding time for myself is not easy if I take more than one class over a full time load. The next three quarters will have an internship too.

The class I am liking the most this quarter is the Theories overview. This is about the fifth or sixth time I have heard all of them, but this time with more details and about practical application- more tools for the toolbox.

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