Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quake/ Plate Activity

I find the earth's movement around the world to be very interesting. I know there are always hundreds of quakes every day. But it certainly looks as if we are in a very active period.
USGS Recent Earthquakes - world wide

Do you have an emergency kit/bag/backpack? I have mine stocked and under my bed. I also have one in my car (and each family member has one). We have a few other supplies stashed in different parts of our home. If I didn't live in a seismically active zone, I'm not sure I would have an emergency kit packed. On the other hand, though I have my emergency kit and my bookcases (and water heater) are attached with straps to the wall studs, I haven't finished putting quake wax and straps on things like televisions, art work, and nick knacks, though I do have the supplies needed to do it.

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