Tuesday, March 08, 2011

City Primary Election Day

Los Angeles Primary Nominating and Consolidated Election is occurring today. In addition to city council and community college board seats, there are ten ballot measures for the City - on everything from new taxes and fees, pension calculation issues, increased funding and new expenditures, revisions in budgets, and on and on.

One of my former Poli-Sci Professors is running for re-election/nomination on the Los Angeles Community College District Board.

She was instrumental in assisting me to regain my confidence 11 years ago. I had returned to college as an older student, took her class, and wound up tutoring state and local poli-sci and later numerous subjects (all poli-sci, geology, English). It was a great confidence builder. Without her urging I would never have even considered it. She has my forever thanks for that and all the other assistance and encouragement she provided that enabled me to keep moving forward to complete first my Bachelors, and then my Master of Science degree. She also has my vote as she is dedicated and hardworking. Go Mona!

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