Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mind of a Gnat

Saturday is the day of errands, laundry, and housework. I tend to be busy in flurries of necessary activity, followed by breaks filled with more welcome activity.

At one point I was walking out of a room to do one thing, thought about another closely related thing I needed to do, got out the items needed for that as a reminder (because I was right there), and couldn't remember what it was I was leaving the room to do in the first place. This all happened within less than one minute and the two frelling things were extremely related! When I finally remembered (a few minutes later) what I had originally intended to do, I told my husband that I must have the mind of a gnat.

The phrase "mind of a gnat", made me wonder if anyone else had said that very thing. Of course someone else had used the phrase before. Google came up with 78,000+ possibles. And so I found this post:
What I know for Sure.

I wandered around a little on the blog and liked what I saw of this person's thoughts, so I'm putting the link here and in the sidebar.
10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There)

It wound up being a good thing to not immediately remember my intended chore, after all.


David said...

It's ok, everyone does that once in a while. It's when you go into the bathroom and forget why you went in there... this becomes a proublem

Stormwind said...