Wednesday, March 02, 2011

21 days

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. It seems to take much less time to lose one. There are days I miss blogging. There are many days I don't even remember that at one time I had a daily bit that I shared here in this spot.

So many things have happened in the world-- conflicts, tragedies, triumphs. I watch from the sidelines and marvel at the rapidity of the ongoing changes. I still yell at the politicians, bureaucrats, CEO's, who appear on the news (yelling at the television is a particularly ineffective but sometimes satisfying activity). I feel happy at the individual triumphs which occasionally parade across the various news outlets (print and broadcast). I still feel satisfaction when the everyday person wins and the big bad collective (name your own villain here) loses. I sometimes weep a moment for the personal losses and tragedies of others. I must not be too drawn up into my own little world, if I can still feel for others.

On a personal level, there are ongoing changes too. I frequently feel like I need to catch up with life. It is an uncomfortable notion that I am not in the moment and attempting to race to catch up. Out of sync... not sure what stream of traffic I need to be in to keep moving.

There are the personal losses- deaths of those close to me. And I've reached the stage where the frequency of family and friends who are dying or have serious illnesses has increased. That is the cycle of life I guess, but even knowing or believing that doesn't make a difference in how it feels.

So the point of this is that lately I miss blogging and the act of frequent more personal writing more often than I don't. I don't think I suddenly have anything more important to say. It is simply that I do wish to write. So here I am again making a pledge to write more often; to (again) create a new habit ... to test the 21 days theory.

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