Sunday, July 17, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings Week 128

"I say ... and you think ... ?"
  1. Tolerate:: only barely, the heat
  2. Release:: tears
  3. My soul:: light, life essence, non-ego/ not-me, or something else?
  4. Sax:: blues
  5. HP:: computer
  6. Worth:: value, not monetary
  7. Rockstar:: one that comes to mind this moment is Sheryl Crow
  8. Terrify:: don't think I do for the most part, but remember a few moments with an 'ied'.
  9. Knock me off my feet:: certain sort of figurative wish
  10. Taunt:: mocking, hurtful derision
Want to play? Weekly word list is at Unconscious Mutterings

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