Thursday, July 14, 2005

new blog find, quotation, and a brief note about Wednesday..

" ... So we come back, inevitably, to the problem of women writing the truth. We must write the truth in order to validate our own feelings. Dictators burn books because they know that books help people claim their feelings and that people who claim their feelings are harder to crush." ~Erica Jong

Found at Sneak Peeks by Louise Yeiser a delightfully written blog found via sidebar perusing at Sacred Ordinary

I like Erica Jong and beyond her poetry and books, she is fascinating to listen to when she is interviewed on public radio.

The thoughts about people who claim their feelings being harder to crush, seems to hold some resonance for me..

Wednesday wrap up notes: To those who don't want to read the comments section of the Wednesday post;
Yes, it worked. Yes it was a much better day by deliberately making sure I noticed the simple pleasing things, aspects of my surroundings and kind people in the day.

Most of us know attitude matters, and that our perception is skewed when we are looking from darker places. Looking with eyes and hearing with ears that are tasked to also look for the pleasing aspects of the world, doesn't eliminate problems; It isn't a magical wand that sends daily hassles away, but it allows one to face whatever comes ones way from a better starting point- and some balance. I believe that. I can live that way, even when I am feeling a downward spiral, if I make an effort to choose that focus.

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