Monday, July 18, 2005


As a selfish reward for major progress on the most difficult parts of a project for a client, plus last years aggregated birthday (October) and end of the year gift from extended family (plus graduation and anniversary gift to self since husband didn't think to give either), I ordered a camera Monday morning:

Cannon PowerShot A95

I have been thinking about this and trying to decide, since before October of last year.

The purchase is selfish, selfish, selfish.. but I am excited... both for the progress on the project and purchasing the camera. The camera will arrive about the time the project is being completed- with any luck a few days before. Gosh, I might even be able to take careful photos of the final event!

This will be a busy week and there is a paper due on Thursday, so posting might be sporadic for a few days.. But it is amazing how a sucess close to home and a selfish purchase can brighten a mood.

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