Monday, July 25, 2005

Divide the large into smaller portions

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs." ~ Henry Ford

I have found that is mostly true.

Of course, it doesn't take into account those small jobs whose little tiny loose threads keep becoming unraveled and slightly changing each time in their parameters... and Murphy.


I have many small jobs and a busy week that started this morning (well, really last week). I will be able to breathe freely again after next weekend is over. Big work project final push date is Saturday (which involves a client moving into a new apartment), and there will of necessity, and for some time to come- be many small things that will be required to knit things into a smooth running order and routine.

Plus it is midterm exam time on Thursday.

There are pictures from last weekend and I am taking my camera with me each day.. but I have no time to look at, resize and post them. ... maybe soon..

About the bombings in Egypt- they too are in my thoughts. I have acquaintances here, with family there. So many horrible things and events going on in the world- it continues to sadden me.

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