Saturday, July 30, 2005


Today was moving day for one of my clients who has wanted to move into a place with her finacee for several years. It is the first place that is really hers, and the first place either of them have lived without other roommates.

There were boxes, and boxes and boxes, and bags and loose items in a variety of forms... and an accumulation of things that couldn't be parted with... not even a sixteenth of them shown here.

And for my client, the day also involved a trip to the hospital emergency room for a broken foot- the result of a fall down some stairs carrying clothing.

I will be back there tomorrow and Monday- to assist with some unpacking, retrieve some items that were left behind and help them set up for the week ahead (groceries and food items), as well as help my client take care of her foot until we can get an appointment with a doctor who will give her a cast.

But the majority of things are done other than unpacking and there are just minor details that will be accomplished over the next few weeks as they settle into their new digs, buy a few new items, learn new budgets, chores, and routines- and we whip things into some basic organization, so it feels like home to them.

I am exhausted after several hours last night and eight solid hours today without much of a break. I have been working on this the entire month, from helping them find a place they could afford, in a neighborhood they could walk in, close to bus lines, jobs and stores-- to the details of applications, deposits, signing papers, ordering utilities and packing. After the next few days, I will need a week to recover... my body is already screaming at me to lie down and be still.

But tonight, they are sleeping in their own place.

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