Sunday, July 04, 2004

Way cool, gadget to save for...

Sony LIBRIe - The first ever E-Ink e-Book Reader : Handhelds : MobileMag
I especially liked the thought of "The storage capacity is only 10MB and can hold around 500 downloaded books, if that is not enough you can add a maximum of 512MB with memory stick PRO." Right now the material I might want to take with me to read or refer to when away from home isn't downloadable (well, most of it isn't), but I can see all sorts of future possibilities with this!!! Textbooks, reference books, the current books one is reading, newspapers, magazines and so on are some of the things that come to mind. Think about how much easier it would be in a classroom!! Plus there is the added benefit of being able to enlarge the type as needed- something I think about frequently.

I don't think it would replace the feel of a book in one's hands or sometimes the memory jog that occurs when looking for information and being able to see the distinctive title, color, cover of a book that holds the keys. Being semi-nerdy, I derive some pleasure from simply seeing some of the old friends and aquaintences on the shelves. But from where I sit, at a little over 6.7 ounces (I think I figured that correctly- 190 grams), this lightweight device has a lot of potential.

found via link at Minding the Planet

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