Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Red Wine Compound May Extend Life

Health News Article | "The compound that makes red wine a healthful drink may also hold the secret to a longer life, scientists reported on Wednesday.
They found that resveratrol acted on fruit flies and worms in the same way as a method known to extend the life of animals including monkeys -- sharply restricting how much they eat.
The finding opens the possibility that people could take a pill to achieve the same benefits as strict dieting to live longer, healthier lives, said David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School in Boston, who led the study. "

This is interesting, if it indeed slows down the effects of aging.

""If you give these compounds to these animals they are healthier and longer-lived, and just as active. They can eat as much as they like and they live considerably longer," said Sinclair."

A "pill" that makes up for mistreating one's youthful body and some neglectful years in my late thirties, would be nice too while they were looking around for these things.

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