Sunday, July 11, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings Week 75

Week 75
I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Crippling:: emotion (been there, felt a few of those)
  2. Tough:: schedule (time to weed out the unnecessary to make sure there is time for the essential soul filling things)
  3. Slinky:: dress.. a slim little classic black number- not too modest, but not too extreme- worn with minimal jewelry, 2 inch strappy heels, and lacy things under, perhaps? ;-)
  4. Slogan:: catchy phrase
  5. Stuffed:: potatoes- baked, cut in half, carefully scooped out of the skin (don't break the skin and do leave a tiny layer of potato inside) mashed, then add whatever goodies you like to top or mix in: a little bit of cooked fish/seafood (shrimp is nice) coated with fresh garlic/basil/olive oil and briefly heated; a little chopped chives and sour cream/cottage cheese or yogurt and/or a little shredded cheese and bacon perhaps; or tofu squares sautéed briefly in olive oil with whatever herbs and spices you like; or jack cheese and fresh salsa- whatever one chooses to mix or top with - all put back into the shell and served warm.
  6. Instructions:: I love the ones written in English by someone who doesn't really speak or understand it- delightfully amusing look into another way of thinking
  7. Expletive:: what I say on occasion to drivers who startle me with some of their actions
  8. Cartoon:: hmmmm I actually have a few favorites.. (by the way did anyone watch Witchblade turned into a television series and what happened to that? I liked that actress.)
  9. Toddler:: human with fresh eyes to see the world as a wondrous place- we could learn a lot from toddlers.
  10. Insinuation:: I don't recall ever thinking of any as positive - are there any positive insinuations or are they all malicious? .. something to think about..

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